Prasanth Janardhanan

Hi, I am Prasanth. I make software and try to keep it useful.

I started my career as a software maker for enterprise companies. A few years into it, I realized that rarely will I get to make something that I can show off.
So, I quit enterprise software maker titles and started making software myself.

Having lots of fun ever since making things that quite a number of people found useful. Some of the things that I made reached the point where people can use it and some of them didn't. I keep making anyway.

It is then that I got a piece of advice that I should write too. So I started writing, it is hard. I keep writing anyway. I hope some of my writings will be useful.

Connect on social interwebs to read the rest of the story. Reach out if I can be of some use for you.

I Made ...

Rapid MailMerge is an add-on for Google Sheets. You can compose email and send to a list of contacts in your Google Sheet all from this add-on. Rapid MailMerge can merge (substitute values ) data from the Google sheet into the email. ( Hi {{FirstName}} becomes Hi Paul in the email ) The emails are sent using your Gmail Account.

Rapid MailMerge is a completely Free add-on. A 'Pro' version is in the works that will open up more awesome features.

This is a proof-of-concept app demonstrating a complete web app using Google Apps Script, with VueJS and Bootstrap in the front end and advanced ES6 code, using Google Sheet as a database in the back-end. The sample app shows creating a Request Management App with a simple 'Approve' workflow.

The front-end uses Bootstrap + VueJS. BackEnd uses npm and babel to cross compile the code to JavaScript compatible with Google Apps Script.

The project is available on GitHub. In order to make new apps, just use this as a starter template and customize.

GSmart AutoReply App can send automated replies to emails that you receive in your Gmail address. You can set up multiple auto-reply rules, each with its own custom responses.

For example, you can set up a custom rule to reply to emails received between 7 pm and 8 am (Night emails). You can also auto-reply to emails from specific email addresses. For making it more specific, you can combine multiple rules.

Auto-reply is free for up to 2 auto-reply rules.

Color Code is a website to explore colors by name. The website also displays the colors related to any given color (complementary, analogous, triad, tetrad, similar colors by name or the color "distance"). The website also has a color picker. You can upload an image and pick a color from the image. Then you can explore the colors related to the selected color.

You can use the features of the website to pick colors for design projects (print design, graphic design, web design).

A gallery of free, downloadble web forms. The forms include contact forms, feedback forms, popup file upload forms and more.

The downloaded code includes HTML, CSS, Javascript (for validations) and back-end form handling code in PHP. is the resource for you if you want to self-host your forms.

Simfatic Forms is a desktop tool(MS Windows only) for building self-hosted online forms. You can visually design your web form, add validations, select the form processing options (save to database, send email, etc) and then generate the code. Then you can upload the generated code to your website and start receiving form submissions.

I Wrote ...